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Our Business Approach

The Dominion Print Group is a full service print and communications provider. We call it OneSourceOneSolution.

A company that continues to move forward to meet objectives. Our constant attention to refining our workflow ensures delivery on time and on budget.

1. Committed

We are a group of diverse and dedicated professionals. From editorial to creative, press operator to management, we develop appropriate solutions that achieve goals. Our experienced team has a passion for their work and the striving towards excellence is a given.

2. Supportive

Our goal is to build relationships. Your projects are our projects. Close interaction ensures that we understand your expectations and share them. Together, we work to produce professional results. We are your team.

3. Collaborative

As with any successful relationship, working together towards our common goal is paramount. Our synergistic staff integrate state-of-the-art hardware, software, consulting and support services to build a solid and expanding support base.

4. ProActive

Technology and production methods are in constant evolution. We stay on the leading edge. Our facilities are re-engineered to ensure that we set and meet current and future client standards.

5. Flexible

We must first understand our client needs to be able to solve them. This is a mantra that we operate on every day. We are happy to constantly customise and tailor our resources to develop the best individual solution for our clients.

6. Responsible

We have a passion for the environment. Our commitment includes a determination to minimise the impact our services have on the natural world.